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AN external audit has found improvements to the council’s whistle-blowing policy with some further work required.

Members of Pembrokeshire County Council’s audit committee received the Wales Audit Office report into the authority’s policy to protect staff raising concerns published since its last meeting in April.

A review of the whistle-blowing policy was carried out in February this year and the WAO found “actions to address our proposals for improvement have strengthened its arrangements for dealing with whistle-blowing and grievances.”

At the meeting, the authority outlined steps taken following the recommendation for further work including regular meetings of the three ‘prescribed persons’ meet regularly with a focus on reviewing the “effectiveness of whistle-blowing and maintain a high-level view of grievance.”

The council will ensure a formal record of meetings is made to provide “clear actions and reference points” which will be used to measure progress with.

It will also improve training in whistle-blowing policy with the vast majority of staff expected to undertake e-learning and will be reminded that it is part of their contractual obligation to undertake it.

A system will be developed to track if training has been taking a report to committee adds.

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