September 25, 2021

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‘Excitement’ for independence in North East Wales could see more voters backing Plaid Cymru, says party leader

THE level of “excitement” for independence in North East Wales could see more voters backing Plaid Cymru, the party’s leader has claimed.

Adam Price said Plaid Cymru would hold an independence referendum in the first five year term if elected to govern following today’s Senedd elections.

One recent opinion poll put support for Welsh independence as high as 39 per cent, with Wrexham selected as the next location for an independence rally once large gatherings are permitted.

However, other surveys indicate that a lesser proportion of between a quarter to a third of people would vote yes.

During a visit to Wrexham, Mr Price was asked whether he felt there was enough support for independence in the area to return Plaid candidates to the Welsh Parliament.

Speaking to the Local Democracy Reporting Service, he said he believed voters were prepared to switch from backing Labour, which currently holds most seats in the region, to his party.

He said: “The north east has been in some ways ahead of the curve in understanding that independence is the only way that we can solve our economic problems.

“It’s not going to come from Westminster – it’s been neglected and let down by Westminster governments, both Labour and Tory over many generations.

“Independence is the answer to the problems that we’ve all grown up with, in terms of that one in three children live in poverty and one in four of every person in Wales.

“That’s never going to change sustainably unless we take complete control of our own future.

“It’s communities like Wrexham and the wider north east that have borne the brunt of those Westminster policies and actually realised that that only way we’re going to solve those problems is by looking to ourselves and becoming a strong, successful and