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First visits allowed at council care homes since lockdown

PEOPLE living in Carmarthenshire County Council’s residential care homes are being allowed face to face visits for the first time since lockdown started in March.

Families and friends can now make plans to visit their loved ones, although social distancing protocols will be in place for the safety of residents, staff and visitors.

Care home managers are in the process of contacting relatives of their residents to inform them of the new procedures and offering them appointments to visit.

Cllr Jane Tremlett, Executive Board Member for Health and Social Care, said: “We know how much it means to our residents and their families that they can see each other face to face and share their love and support in person.

“It’s been incredibly hard for everyone, and I want to acknowledge the sacrifices families have made to protect their relatives and thank them personally for their understanding and patience at an especially difficult time.

“Our care home staff and management team have gone above and beyond not only to care for our residents but to help them stay in touch with family via video and telephone calls, and providing comfort and compassion to people who have desperately missed their loved ones.

“We’re so pleased to be at a point where we can now ease the restrictions and allow visits once more, but of course we have to take every care to ensure we can continue protecting everyone.

“We have carried out thorough risk assessments and have strict procedures in place to do just that, and we hope and ask for people’s continued cooperation.”

Visits must be pre-arranged with the care home manager and strict procedures are in place which will be explained to visitors before their arrival.

These procedures will be kept under review and may change at short notice.

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