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PERMISSION has been granted for four new houses in Pontgarreg with discussions highlighting problems caused by other applications still not being built.

The need for the cheaper houses to be built first was also raised by members of the development control committee on Wednesday (August 12) as it approved two market value and two affordable houses.

Ceredigion County Councillors had deferred the application from last month’s committee to allow for discussions to overcome highway issues, but despite this being resolved the plan remained recommended for refusal by officers.

It is considered to be contrary to the Local Development Plan strategic policies and the number of planning permissions existing in the village, near Llangranog, “allow ample housing opportunities to meet the need in the village and adjoining linked settlements.”

“This another example where outstanding consents are to the detriment of Ceredigion. These people are sitting on historical planning permissions, if we’re not careful there will not be any building at all in this village,” said Cllr Peter Davies.

Cllr Rhodri Evans referred to recent permission granted to extend the time for commencement on a Pontgarreg application, which he said impacts on the viability of the one at committee, adding that “maybe extensions shouldn’t be given if they’re serious about bringing forward housing.”

The planning report states: “Since March 2020, there are 13 units with outstanding consents and 7 units have been completed.”

The application was approved 11 votes to four, with one abstention.

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