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Gwynoro’s radio tribute to Lord Elystan Morgan

Gwynoro Jones appeared on Radio Cymru recently to pay tribute to Lord Elystan Morgan who passed away  at his home in Dole near Bow Street in  north Cardiganshire on 6th July 2021.

The 30 minute programme discusses the contribution of Lord Elystan Morgan to Wales and it’s politics.

The guests include historian and academic Sir Deian Hopkin who worked closely with Elystan in his days as Labour candidate and MP for Cardiganshire 1965-74; The author Rhys Evans, who published the book on Gwynfor Evans and recounted Elystan’s years in Plaid Cymru before he joined the Labour Party; and Gwynoro Jones, former MP for Carmarthen who was in Parliament at the same time and later in the last six years of Elystan’s life reconnected with him.

Gwynoro said: “We spent a lot of time together and there are  numerous video  interviews and discussions with Elystan on my YouTube channel that were made between 2016-2019.


You can listen to the radio programmehere: