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A Haverfordwest councillor is pushing for a site to be cleared more than a year since a fire destroyed it.

Cllr David Bryan raised the issue of the former bakery on Snowdrop Lane at full council last week, asking for an update on when the work to clear the site would be done.

Cllr Bryan’s question to full council read: “At the very start of Covid, one and a half years ago, a fire occurred at premises on Snowdrop Lane on land that is owned by PCC.

“The site is still a burnt out eyesore. Nothing has been done to clear it. To live near such a blot on the landscape is not very appealing, understandably, and who knows what the impact is on saleability of houses in the area.

“Can the Leader please detail what is being done to sort this out and could he give an estimation of the intended end date to the matter?”

He was told by Cllr Bob Kilmister, cabinet member for finance, capacity issues, other corporate priorities and covid-19 restrictions had led to delays but two newly appointed officers to the building control team were focused on the site.

Cllr Kilmister added that an insurance claim had been started in April but a response not received until November 2020, when it was decided to clear the site and make safe rather than pursue the reinstatement of the building.

He said that this work was to be done as soon as possible, but this was not a satisfactory response for Cllr Bryan who pushed for a more specific timeline.

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