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A PLAN for looking after Ceredigion’s roads over the next five years is being developed.

Ceredigion County Council is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of 2,151km of carriageway, 212km of footways, 983 bridges and retaining structures and 6,877 street lights with a combined gross replacement value of over £1.6 billion.

Thriving Communities Overview and Scrutiny Committee received a report outlining the development of a Highway Asset Management Plan 2019-2024 at its April meeting.

Chairman of the committee Cllr Gwyn Hughes told cabinet on Tuesday (May 21) that following discussions its recommendation was that the “same level of investment in highway infrastructure continues at the same level it is at the moment.

“It has an impact on all kinds of activity – journeys to work, shopping or leisure – and we should not reduce on the funding.”

He added that it was understood that there would not be an increase and that all services faced financial constraints.

The plan being developed will focus on the operation, maintenance, rehabilitation and disposal of all council highway assets.

The total budget for all highways in 2019/20 is set at £7,248,000, increasing to £7,865,000 for the following years.

Cabinet member for highways and environmental services Cllr Dafydd Edwards said it would identify “what we foresee will need to be spent on our highways and infrastructure in years to come.”

He added that it was hoped that further funding would be available to spend on “improving rather than just maintaining” the county’s roads, with the plan ready for any extra money.

Council leader Cllr Ellen ap Gwynn added that in the past two years late capital funding had been allocated for highways.

She added that she had been “promised that our minor roads will receive more attention this year as many of them are not in such good condition.”

Cllrs Keith Evans and Alun Williams said that the delays in receiving Welsh Government funding should be raised with the Welsh Local Government Association.

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