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Investigation continuing into what caused Skewen flooding

THE investigation into what caused the Skewen flooding is continuing and is being led by officials from the Coal Authority.

Their engineers have now determined the precise location and extension of the collapsed mine shaft which allows them to bring in larger equipment to investigate the wider mine workings and drainage channels in the area around it.

They have also checked all recorded shafts in the immediate area and found them all to be safe; work to check over a wider area is continuing in the days ahead.

The council is working closely with the Coal Authority to understand how residents will be impacted by the ongoing investigations.

We know that people will want to get back to their homes but for today and tomorrow, it is not safe to do so.

If you have been affected by the flooding or if you have been evacuated and have not yet contacted the council, please do so by calling 01639 686868 or you can leave your contact details with staff at our dedicated Residents’ Incident Support Centre. The Centre is located in Abbey Primary School (opposite Blodau) and open today and throughout next week from 9 am to 5 pm.

This will help us get the correct information to residents as soon as possible.

The safety of residents continues to be our top priority and in the meantime, we ask you to please be patient as the investigation continues.

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