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JOSH Double has just been passed out as lifeboat helm for the Mumbles Inshore lifeboat the Mark Lott. Celebrations were held at the Mumbles lifeboat station for their latest volunteer to join the ranks.

Josh who joined the crew on his 17th birthday and was then the youngest crew member in the RNLI has already passed his qualification as Mechanic for the stations Tamar class all weather lifeboat. Josh comes from a strong crew background with both his brother being a former crew member before becoming a professional seaman and his dad who is the current full time coxswain of the Mumbles lifeboat.

Tim Conway lifeboat operations manager at The Mumbles said ‘Josh has for-filled every step so far of his volunteer aspirations and we’re proud to see him take the next step as a member of the RNLI family at The Mumbles’.

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