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NEW speed limits are in place on Western Avenue (A48) to improve road safety and air quality on one of Cardiff’s busiest roads.

A 30 mph limit – previously set at 40 mph – is now in place on Western Avenue in both directions between Ely Roundabout and Gabalfa Interchange.

Speed limits on the remaining stretch of Western Avenue have also been modified, with the following changes in place:

Drivers travelling eastbound from Gabalfa Roundabout towards Newport can increase their speed from 30 mph up to 50 mph until they reach the Llanedeyrn Roundabout. The speed limit on this stretch of road was previously set at 70 mph. The speed limit to the east of Llanedeyrn Roundabout remains at 50 mph, increasing to 70mph as you approach the A48(M) and the M4.

Those travelling westbound from Llanedeyrn Roundabout towards Gabalfa Interchange can travel at 50 mph until they reach the University Hospital of Wales where the speed limit reduces to 40 mph which remains unchanged. From Gabalfa Roundabout, drivers then enter the 30 mph limit until they reach Ely Roundabout.

All the new speed limit signs have been installed on Western Avenue (A48) and the new speed limits are live and can be legally enforced by the police.

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