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MID and West MS Helen Mary Jones has issued a warning that a No Deal could hit the Welsh steel industry, including the Trostre works in Llanelli.

Tata’s UK company factsheet for 2020 states that it employs 650 people at Trostre, but there will be a knock-on impact on those people who work in the supply chain.

Helen Mary Jones MS, Plaid Cymru Shadow Minister for the Economy, Transport and Tackling Poverty urged the Westminster Government to pull out all the stops to ensure a deal is agreed before the end of the year.

Helen Mary Jones MS said:
A year ago, the Tories promised an ‘Oven Ready’ Brexit Deal. But here we are, with only days to go, with the chance of no deal being higher than ever. We need clarity about the relationship Wales will have with our neighbours, otherwise it will have a huge impact on our economy.

“The Westminster Government has to pull out all the stops to get a deal with the European Union before we come to an end of the transition period at the end of the year.

“I questioned the Welsh Government back in October about the impact of a possible no deal outcome on Trostre Steel works.

“This was following evidence given by representatives of the steel industry in front of the Senedd’s economy committee, highlighting the dangers of a ‘no deal’ Brexit as potentially very serious for their future.

“Any developments have a big impact on the facility at Port Talbot and potentially on the Trostre steel plant in Llanelli. I called for further representations by the Welsh Government to the Westminster Government about the importance of retaining the steel industry here in Wales.”

The Counsel General and Minister for European Transition, Jeremy Miles told me:

“The UK Government’s approach to the negotiations means the manufacturing sector will face significant new barriers to trade in any event, and these will be worse if there is no agreement. The UK Government must prioritise negotiating a deal that protects the economy, including highly regulated manufacturing sectors in Wales.”

Mid and West MS Helen Mary Jones added:

“Earlier this month I received a promise in the Senedd from the Welsh Economy Minister Ken Skates that in his talks with Tata Steel, the UK Government and trade unions he would ensure the workers at Trostre would not be forgotten.

“I’m sure we all want to see a bright future for the staff at the Trostre plant, and those working in the supply chains locally. These are incredibly well-skilled people so all governments should work to protect the jobs and the facility.”

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