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No delay for Learning Resource Centre at Milford Haven School

CONCERNS that the development of a learning resource centre (LRC) at Milford Haven School would delay the site’s refurbishment have been allayed, the new cabinet member for education has said.

Cllr Guy Woodham had previously raised concerns that creating a LRC at the school would result in delays to the planned 21st Century Schools band B refurbishment.

At Pembrokeshire County Council’s last full council he said that this delay could cost up to £1 million.

However, at Thursday’s schools learning overview and scrutiny committee Cllr Woodham, who has since taken on the education cabinet portfolio, said that there would not be a delay to the refurbishment.

Funding for the LRC, which us currently open to public consultation, would come from reallocated money meant for the Pembrokeshire Learning Centre at Neyland (previously known as the pupil referral unit), the committee heard.

“It’s a significant improvement on the situation as I understood it to be in May,” said Cllr Woodham.

“My understanding at the moment is there shouldn’t be any delay in that progressing as a band B option,” he added.

The LRC at Milford Haven will be for pupils across Pembrokeshire, providing greater integration and access to mainstream schooling, with a decrease in pupils at the Neyland site, the committee was told.

This will mean that it may be possible to use some of the band C money for the refurbishment of the pupil referral unit or Pembrokeshire Learning Centre for the LRC, depending on Welsh Government approval.

The LRC would consist of specialist teachers and support staff, providing expertise in meeting the needs of young people with Autism Spectrum Condition and Complex Learning Difficulties.

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