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No-Fault Evictions a Direct Result of Welsh Labour “Dragging its Heels” on Housing Law

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have lambasted the Welsh Labour Government for its record on housing, accusing Welsh Labour of being directly responsible for no-fault evictions by dragging its heels on new housing laws.

A no-fault eviction is when a landlord evicts a tenant without giving a reason.

In the last week, there have been two prominent cases of no-fault evictions in Wales.

In Saundersfoot, Pembrokeshire, a 85-year-old grandmother is facing a no-fault eviction from her home of 27 years by the Presbyterian Church of Wales.

Meanwhile, in Rumney, Cardiff, a couple who devote their spare time to a local food bank are being forced out of their family home after being issued a ‘no-fault’ eviction notice.

Housing charity Shelter Cymru said it has seen a 78% rise in the number of tenants being subjected to no-fault evictions, which can be issued by landlords for no reason.

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have stated that the Housing Department in Wales is “a mess” and Wales is being left horrendously behind both Scotland and Wales on housing reform. The criticism comes on the back of the Housing Minister Julie James MS scrapped the Regulatory Board for Wales, the body responsible for providing oversight to her department without a real explanation.

Scotland banned no-fault evictions in 2017, while England is set to ban them under the upcoming Renters Reform Bill.

Meanwhile in Wales, instead of being banned no-fault-evictions will have their notice periods extended from two months to six months, however even this limited action was delayed and instead of coming into effect this month will now come into effect in December.

Commenting Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Jane Dodds MS said:

“Something is clearly going very wrong in the Housing Department in the Welsh Government.

“We already have the ongoing and major difficulties and endless delays in addressing the cladding scandal in Wales. Now it seems that Wales is falling Scotland and England in a range of areas.

“Welsh Labour need to get a hold of what quite simply looks to be a massive mess. But rather than do that they have scrapped the body set up to regulate the department.

“Tenants in Wales deserve the same rights as those in England and Scotland and the rise in no-fault evictions we have seen is extremely concerning. No one should be evicted from their home without good reason and the cases that have been highlighted in the press this week are extremely disturbing.

“Welsh Labour must stop dragging its heels on housing law reform in Wales and make the issue a priority. Likewise, Plaid Cymru should be pushing much harder to ensure a key section of their cooperation deal is enacted as soon as possible.”

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