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CEREDIGION council’s leader has said a potential October ‘firebreak’ lockdown could be considered as covid-19 cases continue to rise.

Cllr Ellen ap Gwynn updated cabinet on the covid-19 situation in the county at on Tuesday (September 7) and said she had been in an earlier national meeting with education officers and union members.

“The numbers are increasing everywhere and everyone is concerned once again about how things will be – there might be a ‘firebreak’ lockdown over half term but that’s not confirmed yet at all,” said Cllr ap Gwynn.

She added that there were already cases “coming through our schools” with 27 over the weekend and the cross-county figures showing 123 cases on September 6 and a further 63 on September 7, with Ceredigion faring better than neighbouring counties when it came to overall figures.

There are currently 13 people with covid-19 in Bronglais, added Cllr ap Gwynn, as well as 37 in Glangwili and eight in Withybush.

Two of the county’s eight care homes had moved out of ‘red’ to ‘green’ with Cllr ap Gwynn assuring members it was staff that were affected rather than residents, with this also having an impact on the wider care sector.

Cllr ap Gwynn urged people to get their covid-19 vaccination, adding “the pandemic is not over, and we still have to be vigilant.”


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