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Pembrokeshire County Council tender alcohol and substance misuse support contract

DEMAND for floating support for alcohol and substance misuse “far outweighs” provision causing the council to seek a new provider.

A delegated decision, signed off by cabinet member for social services Cllr Tessa Hodgson, approves the invite to tender for the contract for the delivery of a supported accommodation and housing related floating support service for people with alcohol and/or substance misuse.

The printed decision report states “a strategic review that was carried out into the current service whose contract has expired, highlighted that there is a clear requirement for a service of this type within Pembrokeshire.

“The fact that the current provider carries a waiting list for the floating support element evidences that the demand for the service far outweighs the size of the provision.”

The review found that in 2020-2021 there were around 20 services using receiving floating support for an average of ten hours each month and there was an average of 16 people on the waiting list to immediately pick up the support sessions once available.

The waiting list has an average wait time of 130 days, the report adds.

“This shows us that in many cases early intervention is not possible as the scheme does not have capacity to support individuals, when they need it,” it states.

The invitation to tender was agreed as well as the delegation of the decision to award the contract to the director of social care and housing, Jonathan Griffiths.

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