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Plaid Cymru government to recruit 4,500 teachers and raise starting salary

PLAID Cymru Education Spokesperson Siân Gwenllian MS has today set out her party’s pledge to recruit 4,500 extra teachers and specialist support staff in Welsh schools, should it form the next government after May’s election.

Setting out the party’s vision to offer “every child in Wales, whatever their postcode or background, the best start in life”, Siân Gwenllian praised teachers and all school staff for “working wonders” throughout the pandemic to ensure that young people continued to receive an education despite the challenging circumstances.

Siân Gwenllian also said that a Plaid government would raise the starting salary for teachers in Wales by 10% to £30,000 and work towards making teaching a Masters’ level profession, giving teachers more professional development opportunities and support throughout their careers.

Siân Gwenllian MS said:

“I want every child in Wales, whatever their postcode or background, to have the best start in life.

“An important part of that is ensuring that our schools are as well-resourced as possible, not only in terms of the number of teachers but also their specialism in supporting pupils with additional Learning Needs.

“That is why a Plaid Cymru government would employ 4,500 extra teachers and specialist support staff in schools across Wales by the end of our first term.

“Teachers have had a particularly difficult time during the pandemic and have worked wonders to ensure that our young people continue to receive an education, regardless of the challenging circumstances.

“Currently one in three teachers is quitting the classroom within their first five years. A Plaid Cymru government will address this by not only making funding available to recruit more teachers but improving the offer for those already in the profession.

“We will do this by raising the starting salary of teachers in Wales by 10 per cent to £30,000 from 2022 and provide in-career sabbatical breaks for teachers.

“Plaid Cymru also commits to making teaching a Masters’ level profession, beginning with a requirement for all newly qualified teachers to be working towards a government-funded Masters’ degree in education or a subject relevant to their classroom work within five years.

“All education workers, full-time and supply teachers alike, should have access to continual professional development throughout their careers.

“It’s time for a Welsh government that will give teachers the full recognition and reward that they deserve. That is what a vote for Plaid Cymru offers on 6th May.”

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