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Plans for factory put on hold are ominous signs of things to come ‘post Brexit’ claims Helen Mary Jones MS

RESPONDING to the news that plans to build a new 4×4 vehicle plant in Wales have been put on hold by the firm Ineos, Helen Mary Jones MS says this is an “ominous sign of what might be to come” post Brexit.

Plaid Cymru Shadow Minister for the Economy, Helen Mary Jones MS, said:

“It’s deeply disappointing to hear that plans to build a new factory in Bridgend have been put on hold – although not a complete shock. The fact that a site on mainland Europe appears to be favoured over a site in Wales may be a sign of what we risk, post Brexit.

“It is very important that Welsh Government seeks to understand the full picture from Ineos, engage with them and try to change their minds.

“This news is loss of opportunity and perhaps an ominous sign of what might be to come. Bridgend cannot afford another blow like this. We know certain sectors like the automotive and aviation industries are already vulnerable, so we need to do more than just dealing with the immediate crisis – we must learn from this so that we can build a better future for Wales.”

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