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Report on sale of council owned farm in Pembrokeshire to be presented in June

A group examining details surrounding the sale of a council owned farm will present its final report before the summer.

The sale of Trecadwgan Farm near Solva caused controversy when it was sold by Pembrokeshire County Council at auction for £757,000 in March last year, despite a community group’s bid to save it.

A council working group has met three times since November 2020 to discuss the process following a Notice of Motion put forward by Cllr Jamie Adams.

At services overview and scrutiny committee on Thursday (March 18) Cllr Adams said the group was “just at the stage now where the majority of the work has been undertaken.

“We’ve got a few written response to consider and then we will pull everything together and bring a full report to the next meeting.”

The group has reviewed property transaction policy in relation to late bids, Community Asset Transfer policy, examined the authority’s statutory duty to consider offers as well as the Trecadwgan Farm business plan.

Also considered by members was additional pressure on officers and cabinet members from the community and other politicians about the sale as well as what guidance and lessons learnt can be complied regarding community groups, correspondence and social media.

The next services overview and scrutiny committee is due to be held on June 15.

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