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Royal Welsh Digital Show Day Two preview

Now more than ever it is essential that business management is conducted through the lens of managing the environment.
This event brings together key thinkers from across the world of business and the environment who will highlight the key issues we need to embrace post Covid.

11:00AM – Food Supply Chains and Production – Global Outlook with a Local Strategy: What has Covid-19 Taught us?

Covid-19 hit all sectors of life and was met with panic buying and empty supermarket shelves. However, it wasn’t luxury items that the general public rushed to get their hands on but the essentials like food.
For many years the FUW has stressed that food security is an issue that needs desperate attention and the last few months have served to illustrate such concerns.

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on Welsh food producers and the dangers of trade and rural support policies which undermine UK food security have now starkly come to the fore.
3:00PM – She Who Dares…Farms

The ‘She Who Dares…Farms’ conference returns as part the NFU Cymru Royal Welsh Show calendar this year with another fabulous line up. Taking place on Tuesday 21st July at 3pm, everyone is invited to join our virtual event, featuring three speakers and chaired by Delyth Robinson, member of the NFU Cymru Next Generation Group.

We are delighted to have Tracey Roan join us, following her family’s appearance on Series 2 of BBC2’s This Farming Life. Caroline Mason, Head of Agriculture at the Co-op, has an impressive farming heritage anchored in her family’s rural Shropshire roots, and today, aged just 37, oversees the community retailer’s agricultural strategy.

Abi Kay is chief reporter at Farmers Guardian, where she spearheads the magazine’s political coverage and co-hosts the Ploughing Through Brexit podcast. Abi never shies away from a good farming story and taking farmers views forward.

Welsh Beef: Know your Ribeye from your Flank!
The vast majority of the population eat beef. But did you know about the wide range of different cuts – some of them very economical – that you can use to create fabulous meals?
Some tasty tips will be offered by Michelin-starred chef Gareth Ward, a professional butcher, HCC cook Elwen Roberts, and king of the barbecue Chris Roberts.

We hope you enjoy Tuesday of our first ever digital Royal Welsh Show.

To see the full day’s line-up – Check out our digital show website: https://royalwelsh.digital/tuesday-events/

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