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Senedd committee calls for greater clarity in support for hospitality sectors

THE Senedd’s Economy, Trade and Rural Affairs Committee ha published a report on Securing the future of Hospitality, Tourism and Retail 

The retail sector is the largest employer in Wales with 114,000 employees.

Paul Davies MS the chair of the Committee in the introduction to the report says that:

“In the past year the Welsh visitor economy enjoyed some bounce-back from post-Covid ‘staycations’, and we’ve seen a gradual return to ‘business-as-usual’. But recovery is fragile and cost of living pressures mount.”

The report looked at the long-term challenges for hospitality, tourism and retail, and how to resolve deep-seated issues that could hold back confidence and stand in the way of a solid recovery.

The Committee is calling for :

“greater clarity around the role of Welsh Government’s Economic Contract in driving fair work outcomes. We want assurances that Programme for Government policies relating to affordable housing and a planned tourism levy do not adversely impact on business confidence. The industry must play its part in tackling what are often well-grounded negative perceptions. It needs to professionalise itself, and work with government and the skills sector to promote clear career pathways that will attract talent.

Businesses are struggling with a ‘cost of doing business’ crisis, but must resist off-loading business risks onto their employees and instead give them a voice and ensure fair pay and conditions. Welsh Government also needs to ensure that the voices of smaller owner-operators are heard in the fora set up to support these sectors.”


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