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Photo Credits: RNLI Ben Shepard Langland Lifeguards

Swansea lifeguards respond to multiple incidents during summer heat wave

THE BEACHES on the South Wales coast have been especially busy in the recent good weather, with the lifeguards assisting multiple incidents on Tuesday (Jul 22).
The team of Aberavon lifeguards were Sam Jones, Eleri Hulme, Nathaniel Palla and Owain Morgans, who dealt with over twenty missing children in one day.
“As the soaring temperatures bring more people to the beaches, it’s important for parents to keep an eye on young children, who can easily be lost in the midst of crowds.”
Councils have posted guides on keeping yourself and others safe during summer, with swimming having its own section of key points:
  • Ensure children who are near water are supervised at all times — even those who can swim
  • Never underestimate the power of current: Swimmers or waders can be swept away in an instant
  • Swim safely and in designated swimming areas only
Aberavon lifeguards also delivered major first aid to a female casualty suffering with breathing difficulties. RNLI lifeguards are qualified in lifesaving and casualty care and are trained to deal with a multitude of scenarios. The incidents at Aberavon beach are a good example of how multiple agencies work together, as the lifeguards were assisted by Coastguard teams, Port Talbot Lifeboat, Aberavon Surf Lifesaving Club and the police.
Langland beach was also a popular destination for families on Tuesday, with lifeguards Kieran Hennah, David Figelstone, Dan Pearon and James Davies kept busy all throughout the day. The lifeguards carried out nine rescues throughout the day, assisted with eighteen separate incidents and helped several missing children reunite with their families.
A thirteen year old boy dived into a rock on Langland beach, unaware of the depth of the water, and required medical attention for a head and spinal injury. The lifeguards alerted the coastguard and delivered casualty care to the boy. The rescue 187 helicopter arrived on scene to take the casualty to receive further medical attention at Morristown.
Swansea Lifeguard Supervisor Jessica Gates said: “We ask members of the public to swim at lifeguarded beaches between the red and yellow flags and to be extra cautious with the surf. The sea can be unpredictable and it’s important to keep an eye on the seas conditions, as currents and tides can change within minutes.”
The primary role of RNLI lifeguards is to make sure the beach can be enjoyed safely by the public. However up to 95% of the lifeguards work is preventative. They highlight dangers on the beach with the appropriate flags and signs, offer safety advice on the beaches, and deliver water safety education in schools.
Photo Credits: RNLI Ben Shepard/Langland Lifeguards

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