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Ten and a half years for sword killer who buried victim in shallow grave

A MAN has been sentenced to ten and a half years at Cardiff Crown Court after he used a sword to kill another man and then buried him in a shallow grave.

Mohamed Megherbi had attended Kane Burns’ flat Llanedeyrn on 9 October last year, with friends.

During the early hours of the following morning, a neighbour heard loud bangs coming from the flat.

Within hours Burns purchased lighter fluid and matches from a nearby petrol station, and later that morning bought cleaning items, including a mop.

A number of bloodstains were discovered in Burns’ flat after police officers attended there on a separate enquiry. Subsequent tests showed that the blood was Mr Megherbi’s.

At the end of November 2018, Mohamed Megherbi’s body was found in a shallow grave in woodland near to Pontprennau.

Two months later, a sword which had traces of the victim’s blood on it was found in undergrowth near Burns’ flat.

Senior Investigating Officer Detective Inspector Andy Miles has praised the public contribution to the investigation.

“We cannot underestimate the role of the public in this case. We can go through our investigative processes but when people ring up and give us certain information, it is a massive help.

“From the beginning there was a willingness to support the investigation for which we are very grateful.

Examples of public contribution include:

· A cyclist who recognised Burns carrying a shovel near to where the body was found
· A bus driver who, from his elevated position in his cab, spotted a shovel concealed in undergrowth.
· Shop staff who reported a suspicious customer buying lighter fluid and matches
· Community litter pickers who came across a sword discarded in wooded area near Burns’ flat.

The investigation involved specialists from across the UK including an anthropologist, archaeologist, and soil scientists.

Police search teams spent six weeks in the area while around 500 properties were visited in house to house enquiries.

DI Miles added: “The scale of the search and array of scientific expertise involved in this case demonstrates the professionalism and determination of South Wales Police to get justice for Mohamed Megherbi and his family.”

Burns denied murder but pleaded guilty to manslaughter on May 9.

Speaking after sentencing, DI Miles added: “Despite Kane Burns not choosing to assist the investigation at any stage, which included not revealing where he had put the body of Mohamed Megherbi, we are pleased that he has been sentenced here today.

“We hope this result bring some closure to his family who are being informed of the outcome at Cardiff Crown Court today.

“In addition to the community of Llanedeyrn, I would like to thank the dedicated investigation team, the CPS, and the specialists for their support throughout the investigation.”

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