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Three Welsh RNLI boats in search for missing plane off Anglesey

On Tuesday (Nov 26) Beaumaris’ Atlantic 85 lifeboat launched at 1.15pm and Moelfre’s Tamar class all-weather lifeboat launched at 1.20pm. The Llandudno volunteer crew were paged at 2.14pm and launched their Shannon class lifeboat to assist in the search.

The volunteer crews carried out an extensive search of an area around Penmon and were joined by Coastguard teams from Penmon and Bangor. The Coastguard helicopter was also scrambled.

All volunteer crews spent many hours conducting a detailed search, with Beaumaris RNLI crew first to return to station, followed by Llandudno’s Shannon just after 9.30pm. The Moelfre RNLI crew returned to station just after 10pm last night.

Tim James, who was Coxswain of Llandudno’s Shannon class lifeboat during the search said: “Once launched we were tasked to carry out a parallel track search pattern, similar to a grid of a large area mainly to the north of Puffin Island. To utilise all available daylight, this search was carried out at full power until the loss of daylight forced us to slow our speed to 15 knots. In 15 years of being on the crew it is the longest and most challenging search pattern that I have experienced and is a testament to the skill and professionalism of the volunteer crew that they were able to work for such a long period whilst undertaking such a technically difficult and important task.”

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