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Two individuals test positive for Covid-19 in Carmarthenshire schools

CARMARTHENSHIRE County Council has confirmed that two individuals at schools in the county have tested positive for Covid-19.

In a statement the council said:

We can confirm that an individual at Ysgol Llys Hywel in Whitland and an individual at Carway primary School has tested positive for COVID-19.

We have robust procedures in place and the Test, Trace, Protect process is being followed. The school is directly in touch with parents to keep them informed.

The process of testing and contact tracing is part of the ‘new normal’ and where schools follow these guidelines carefully, there is no cause for alarm.

It is important to remember that coronavirus has not gone away. We must all remain vigilant and maintain social distancing and continue to wash our hands frequently in order to minimise the risk of transmission of the virus.