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TWO towns in line for major redevelopments could see work moving on with a decision due on appointing consultants for the projects.

The multi-million pound plans for Haverfordwest and Pembroke have been in development for some time with the cabinet member for economy, tourism, leisure and culture set to approve the next steps.

Cllr Paul Miller will decide on approving the delegation of the next stage of the redevelopment of the former Ocky White store, and river corridor, to the head of infrastructure.

The building was bought last summer by the council and a £2.3million grant was accepted from Welsh Government for redevelopment, half a million of which is earmarked for this next stage.

A cabinet member decision report states that there will be £88,000 allocated for a project lead/manager, £190,000 for an architect, structural engineer costs of £74,000 and the same for a cost consultant and building services engineering.

A similar decision is due on the development of a plan for the Riverside Shopping Centre with costs predicted to include £21,000 for a project lead/manager, £45,000 for an architect, £18,000 for a structural engineer, £18,000 for cost consultant and £18,000 building services engineering.

It follows a study considering the purchase of the area by the council, with a draft report and business case currently being developed for presentation to Welsh Government.

In Pembroke there has been no interest from developers following a marketing engagement exercise focusing on the redevelopment of South Quay.

However, plans continue and a project manager was appointed in January.

Cllr Miller is asked to approve delegating the appointment of consultants on the project to the head of infrastructure, including the proposal to assemble a design team to progress the scheme and “expending the capital and grant funding allocated to the scheme.”

Reference to funding and its source is classed as exempt information according to the published report.

An architect is to be appointed following open tender with other costs estimated to total £310,000, including £88,000 for project lead/manager, £74,000 structural engineer, £74,000 cost consultant and £74,000 building services engineering.

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