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Welsh actor takes on the World to improve inclusivity for people with autism

THE actor Richard Mylan has just filmed another documentary with his son Jaco called Richard and Jaco Take on the World which is due to air next Thursday (Aug 29) on BBC One Wales at 9pm.

In this documentary, they go on a journey from Wales to America and back again visiting the most “autism-friendly” places around the world. They find out how we can make everywhere from a local barber shop to a national stadium more inclusive for people with autism.

In the documentary Richard meets ‘Jim the Trim’ in Briton Ferry, an autism friendly barber whose customers travel far and wide for his unique service. The way Jim interacts with the children makes a big impact on the parents. Some of the grandparents get really overwhelmed and they can’t quite believe that he’s managing to cut their grandchildren’s hair as it’s always been such a difficult thing for them.

You can watch an exclusive preview here Courtesy of BBC.

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