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Welsh Labour to stand against far right in European elections

WELSH LABOUR’S Lead European Candidate Jackie Jones will warn against letting the far right win seats in next week’s European Parliament Election and make the case that Welsh Labour has always stood up for Wales in Europe, securing investment in skills and jobs.

She will make the call as she takes Welsh Labour’s campaign to Llanelli, where she will meet with a domestic abuse charity helping women to gain skills and confidence through a new programme funded by the Welsh European Social Fund.

Former Law professor Jones will then join Welsh Labour’s Minister for International Relations and former Wales MEP Eluned Morgan AM on a campaigning tour of seats across the region.

Before devolution, it was a UK Labour Government, which secured millions of pounds of European funding for West Wales and the South Wales Valleys. After devolution, Labour-led Welsh Governments have used EU funding to support jobs, investment, infrastructure and training.

Over the last Twenty years, Wales has benefited from more than £5bn in EU structural funds. This has led to £10bn of investment in Wales. EU funding has helped bring new and better jobs to Wales and to give people the skills to do them.

Twenty years ago, Wales had some of the highest levels of worklessness in the UK. Today, unemployment and economic inactivity are at near record lows.

Twenty years ago, there were almost as many people without qualifications as there were university graduates in Wales. Today, nearly 40% of people in Wales have degrees or equivalent and less than 10% have no qualifications.

Jones will also emphasise that, for however long she sits as a Member of the European Parliament, she will work hard for the people of Wales. Former MEP Derek Vaughan retired from the European Parliament with the best record of all Welsh MEPs.

Welsh Labour’s lead candidate in the European Elections, Jackie Jones said:

“A vote for Welsh Labour is a vote for a strong voice for Wales. We are the party that has fought for and secured, fundamental employment rights and protections from discrimination. In the last decade, the Welsh Labour Government has invested EU funding in thousands of new jobs, helping 86,000 people into jobs.

“Whether Wales MEPs are there for days, weeks or longer, this is a chance to elect candidates who will turn up and work hard to combat climate change, protect food and animal welfare standards and commit to continued peace and stability across Europe.

“Every vote for Welsh Labour is a vote to stop far right parties from winning more seats and representing you. Voting for minor parties in this election risks letting the far right making further gains in Wales.

“All four Welsh Labour European Candidates are committed to ending Tory austerity, investing in communities, and ensure those with the broadest shoulders pay their fair share.”

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