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TEA and coffee used to be something your elderly parents drank while chatting about the goings on down the road. Royal Albert or plain old mugs were constantly filled with basic ordinary tea and coffee out of a tin or a jar. There really wasn’t a huge choice available and if it were it was beyond the reach of the meagre wages paid to those in the factories bringing up large families.

Apart from the dreaded Dandelion coffee from the local health shop or the sweet scented earl grey Mamgu got out for the posh visitors there really was a dearth of taste for the palate.

Fast forward to today and you just cannot move for choice. Shelves of coffees and teas from around the world fill even the most humble of cafes. Asking for a coffee has become a science, a skinny, a latte, a mocha, an espresso, where does one start. Cupboards across the country now contain boxes filled with a mish mash of teas including ginger, ginseng, nettle, cranberry or plain old lemon.

With so much choice costs vary. We sent our intrepid reporters Jo and Lucy out on a mission to find out the cost of a cup of plain old tea is in Llanelli town centre. Apologies if we didn’t pop into yours but we found 17 cafes and bars within the town centre to ask how much a cuppa costs.

We found that the prices varied greatly as did the surroundings and the service.

The tea prices from our visit are listed alphabetically below.

Altalia – £1.30

Avo – £1.45, £2.50 for tea and bara brith or Welsh cake

BJ’s -£1.60 – Takeaway £1.40

Celtic – £1.00

Cozi Cafe – £1.00

Gallery Art & Cafe – £1.80


Jenkins Bakery – £1.05

Joly’s Cafe – 90p for a cup and £1.10 for a mug

Llanelly House – £1.70

Marzano’s – £2.00

Sandwich Bar – £1.00

The New Savoy – £1.30

The Teapot – £1.40

Verve – £1.20

Wetherspoons – £1.15 – free refills

Welsh Diner – £1.00

Thanks to all businesses for taking part.id=2’>

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