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NEIL Hamilton, AM for Mid & West Wales, and Leader of UKIP Wales, is urging free bus pass users in his Region to be aware of changes to the scheme.

Two weeks ago, councils across Wales and Transport for Wales launched one of the largest public engagement programmes aimed at renewing all green coloured cards across the country. The response was so high the website had to be taken down.

Mr Hamilton, who is a member of the Senedd’s Rural Affairs committee, said he was disappointed the on-line facility crashed and took so long to be restored.

He said the organisation should have anticipated the response and been ready to provide a working on-line service for those wanting to renew their free bus passes.

He said:

“The fact that the website crashed shows how many people use this service and it was totally unacceptable that people were left high and dry.

“Now that it is up and running I am urging my constituents to make sure they are aware of the application process as many people rely on their free bus passes for transport in rural areas.

“I am pleased to see councils are fully involved and will be working with Transport for Wales to help with the application process, making copies available in places like libraries and community hubs.

“These paper forms must be available because, although a lot of people will renew on-line, there will be some older people who do not use the internet. Support for those who need it is paramount.

The New-style ‘Concessionary Travel Cards’ are being introduced as a replacement, for the green bus passes. They include all current 60 and Over, Disabled Persons, age five and above, and Disabled Person’s Companion bus passes

Applications forms are being distributed from this week to those that have already requested them, and there will be a PDF version available on TfW’s website, to allow people to print them at home.  Paper forms are also being distributed to all local councils so that people can pick them up in their local communities.

To apply on-line go to the website www.tfw.wales/travelcards.

The renewal programme runs over the next three and half months  and current bus passes are valid until December 31 2019.

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