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Billion pound investment pledged for environmental recovery announced by Welsh Lib Dems

WELSH Liberal Democrats have unveiled their plans for an environmental recovery ahead of next month’s Senedd election.

The party has unveiled ambitious plans to tackle the climate breakdown with a pledge to create a package of investment worth £1billion a year to fight the climate emergency, build green homes and create green jobs across Wales.

Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats Jane Dodds said:

“This ambitious package will ensure that the environment and our desire to halt and reverse climate breakdown is at the forefront during the next Senedd term.

“This investment will see jobs created and provide stability for supply chains both across Wales and further afield allowing businesses to invest in new technology safeguarding their futures.

“In order to truly tackle these problems, we need to think big and make a significant investment for the future.

“This billion-pound investment to tackle the climate emergency will see green homes built across Wales, which will cut bills and kick start our green economic recovery.

“This record-breaking investment will also see flood prevention schemes, reforestation projects and green energy schemes delivered in order to meet our obligations to future generations.”


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