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Holyhead crew and local boys save man who fell into marina

HOLYHEAD RNLI crew members, along with two quick-thinking local boys, joined forces Monday 15 March to save a man who was in trouble in the sea.

The incident took place at approximately 3.30 pm. The man had fallen from his bike in the Holyhead Marina area and had banged his head on the ground before falling into the water. He was clinging onto a pontoon and struggling to stay afloat.

The two boys, who were nearby on their bikes, witnessed the incident. Using great initiative and common sense, one stayed with the man, while the other ran to the lifeboat station to get help.

In a huge stroke of luck, two crew members were busy tending the station’s Garden of Remembrance, which is outside the building and heard a cry for help from the boy.

The boy led them straight to the casualty, who was struggling to hang on. Grabbing a nearby life ring, the two lifeboat volunteers managed to place it around the man and haul him out of the water. The two boys were asked to further assist by calling an ambulance, which they did immediately.

While waiting for the ambulance, another crewman, who is also an ambulance first responder, was contacted, and he attended the scene with a colleague.

The man was treated at the scene for hypothermia and later taken to the hospital by ambulance for further checks.

Holyhead coxswain Tony Price said the two boys had undoubtedly helped save the man’s life. He said:

‘These two boys are a fantastic credit to Holyhead. Young people often get a bad press, but this incident shows how they have listened to the safety messages we give out, used their wits and acted very quickly. They knew not to put themselves at risk by trying to pull him out themselves, and instead to go and get help.’

He added:

‘It was an absolutely first-class response from them both, and the crew and myself are so proud of their efforts today. We all wish the man a full and speedy recovery from his ordeal, and thanks also to the first responders, rapid response paramedic and the ambulance crew for their assistance.


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