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Hoyt and Silva through to Quarter Finals

LLANELLI is playing some part in the drama and excitement at Wimbledon in a year where the doubles has come of age.

Granted the singles make the news with the likes of the young up and coming superstars like Grauff and old hands like Roger Federer but young Evan Hoyt who honed his skills at the Llanelli Tennis and Squash club is powering his way through the rounds aided and abetted by the wonderful Eden Silva.

One only needs to look at the last match when Silva pulled off a stunning pass from the very edge of the court, much to the delight of Hoyt who leaped into the air. The pair beat Joran Vliegen of Belgium and Saisai Zheng of China 5-7 7-6 6-4

The couple look extremely strong and are in with as good a chance as any of making the semis. Llanelli will be watching as the Welshman Hoyt takes to one of the biggest tennis stages in the world.

Photo. Owen Morgan



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