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New recycling service for businesses and larger flats

NEATH Port Talbot Council is introducing an enhanced recycling service for businesses and larger complexes of flats.

The service is part of the council’s strategy to increase recycling and will introduce wheeled bins for the collection of recycling to offer a better service for businesses and larger multiple occupancy properties.

Up to now, businesses have had to make do with smaller receptacles used on domestic collections and may for instance have had to use a large number of household food bins to separate food waste.  The service change will also bring business recycling in Neath Port Talbot into line with the latest national guidelines to collect glass separately.

The initial focus will be on offering the enhanced service to around 600 existing larger business customers and the residents of 30 larger blocks of flats, with the roll-out beginning at the end of April and completion expected by the end of October 2021.

Two weeks after a visit to customers to explain the new service, businesses will be asked to sign up to a new contract for wheeled bin recycling. Neath Port Talbot businesses are already required to sign up for a recycling collection with the council if they wish to receive a trade refuse collection.

Traders not wishing to take part in the council’s recycling arrangements as part of managing their waste are free to take their business to other private sector providers.

After signing up to the new waste collection contract, the new trade recycling collection bins will be delivered within four weeks.

Businesses can start using their new service as soon as their bins are delivered.  Businesses will not have the option to retain the current ‘domestic style’ collections.

Neath Port Talbot Council’s Director of Environment and Regeneration, Nicola Pearce, said:

“The new, enhanced service reflects national requirements for businesses to increase recycling. The changes will also allow the council in most cases to offer a collection of both recycling and non-recyclable material on the same day to traders.

“In terms of flat complexes, under existing arrangements, some of the bin compounds can become cluttered with lots of white recycling bags and other recycling kits. The new wheeled bin recycling service will help tidy up these areas and make it easier for residents in flats to recycle more.”

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