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Plans in pipeline to convert retail unit into training studio

by Rory Sheehan

PLANS are in the pipeline seeking to convert a retail unit into a personal training studio near Wrexham city centre.

Proposals have been submitted to Wrexham Council looking to transform the retail unit on Rhosnesni Lane, into a space for personal trainers to work with clients mainly on a one-to-one basis.

The studio would be open seven days a week if the plans go ahead.

According to the applicants, the unit is currently being used for storage by a charity.

The changes they hope to make are outlined within the planning application form submitted to the council, which states: “We would like to change the current retail unit into a personal training studio.

“We plan to open Monday – Friday, 6am – 8.30pm, and Saturday – Sunday, 9am – 2pm.

“We don’t expect there to be more than six cars in our car park at any one time, even this we think will be rare. We work one-to-one to two-to-one with clients spread throughout the day.

“Due to the nature of what we do there won’t be much noise at all, unlike an average commercial gym but we will have a sound system in place for background music.

“The landlord has assured us there is no problem with waste or drainage.”

The applicant states that nearby businesses have already been consulted about the plans, and that there will be no increase in waste from the site, which would retain the current toilets and the sink – both of which are located at the rear of the building with the drainage.

They added: “The only external changes will be a fresh coat of paint and a new sign out front.

“Internally we are planning to put in two stud walls and also paint all the walls.”

There is already parking space available at the site and there would be no highways changes needed as a result of the proposed change of use.

Wrexham Council’s planning committee will make a decision on the application at a future date.

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