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Volunteers behind Hwb Yr Orsedd proposal allay public concerns over project

VOLUNTEERS behind plans to create a community hub in a Wrexham village have issued a response after being inundated with queries about the proposals.

An application to demolish an old toilet block in Rossett to make way for the facility was recently put forward by a not-for-profit company called Hwb Yr Orsedd Ltd.

A decision was taken to close the public conveniences on The Green in 2017 after they were repeatedly targeted by vandals.

Proposals for a community building for groups to meet, socialise and participate in activities have since been drawn up, with further details released earlier this month.

The submission of the plans led to concerns being raised by some residents on social media, including that it would compete with existing businesses in the village and lead to the loss of green space and play facilities.

Board members behind the project have now moved to allay some of the fears after receiving hundreds of questions about the scheme.

In a post on the Hwb Yr Orsedd Facebook page, they said: “Over the past week or so there has been considerable discussion on Facebook triggered by the submission of the planning application.

“There have been hundreds of comments, questions, issues, suggestions and messages of support published on the Rossett village Facebook groups and the Hwb Yr Orsedd Facebook page.

“In addition we have received a high volume of direct messages via email and messenger.

“Board members are community spirited volunteers – they undertake their role in their own time, they are not paid and do not receive expenses.

“We have spent considerable time and effort in analysing the comments and have identified four main themes under which we believe they can be grouped.”

One of the main points the volunteers have clarified is that the hub will not be used as a cafe.

While they said refreshments would be offered, they stressed serving food and drink would not be its main function to avoid competing with nearby businesses.

They said it would provide somewhere for families to meet up with friends while their children use the nearby park, as well as delivering mobile services such as a library, bank and post office.

Board members added that care had also been taken to minimise any impact on the surrounding park and green space.

In response to concerns over parking arrangements, they said: “The hwb board has had a great deal of debate regarding parking provision.

“The six spaces provided are for blue-badge holders only.

“We could potentially reduce the number of spaces available.

“The suspension of parking restrictions for blue-badge holders along the Green is another option for consideration.”

Volunteers are now waiting to hear whether planning permission will be granted, with a decision expected from Wrexham Council at a later date.

They said the next step would be to sign a lease, before applying for grant funding from the National Lottery and Welsh Government to realise their ambitions.

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